>≫A Poet's Journey

The first poem was a wonder
The second was a surprise.
The third poem made me a poet,
The fourth gave me a name and fame.

by Abdul Wahab Click to read full poem

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Every poet goes thru the same cycle but they differ in fate and experience....Nice one.
Poets journey..nice....well penned.
A splendid poem on a poets journey well penned.10
The tenth poem turned a touchstone Whatever I touched became gold Life is poetry, poetry is life A fountain of joy said in a metaphor What a delicate delight it gave When I was able to conjure it up and decipher - - -Wow- -such a wonderful poetic journey , expressed so simply , yet so elegantly .
Good lyrics Thanks for sharing You can try my Verses for the Poets
Good lyrics Thanks for sharing You can try my Verses for the Poets
Wow! Amazing lines sir.The profound truth of poetry and life,the peace it gives!
A powerful, positive progression my friend.
Wow that was a great start indeed
a good poem fe is poetry poetry is life
well written poem about poetry and it is beautiful.
Well written. My favorite lines are the last 2 in the second verse.
A pleasing effort. Congratulations.
pretty cool poem, I like it...
Yes..the selection is really creditable......i liked it.......thanks.Cheers for being selected........
this one the best, so beautifully written, , , congratulations for the poem of the day - A Poet's Journey keep it up bro...
thank you charle`s darn`ell
thank you Veeryah fr yr cmnt
Congratulations, Abdul Wahab, This is the life of a poet, when I don't think of your earlier poems, that talked about the relationship between the weight and the height..Congratulations again, Friend, , Keep it up..
Very nice poem. You've done a good job of capturing the essence of poetry.