I Dreamt Of Another World

I had fallen asleep and in my dream
the lord came to me.
I said a prayer which I thought wasn’t heard
I said a prayer but he kept his word.

In the dream he spoke with me, and said:
I listen to all prayers far and near
Of that my child have no fear.
When nations start to rise up to me
Famine and destruction will no longer be.

The greatest of nations will fall to the ground
The cries of freedom will then resound.
Thousands of years have gone by
And man still doesn’t give freedom a try.

Now I must repeat history once again.
Will this destruction ever end?
I will not use locust or turn the water red
Through that path I did tread.

I am now giving you earthquakes, winds, and fire
Although this is not my desire.
But what must I do to open your eyes
Other things I did try.

Now the uprisings is the course I choose
Some will win, many will lose.

In my dreams things were falling in place
No more wars “ not a trace”.
No more hunger - no more despair
People working together- they truly cared.

They were greeting each other
with smiles on their faces
Not just here, but in different places.
I awoke from this dream with exhilaration
In my soul- if this could happen
“What a wonder to behold.”

But this was just a dream of things that could be
“If man really wanted to be free.”

by louis rams

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