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***a Poetic Freestyle***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***a Poetic Freestyle***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I don’t spit rhymes but when I write
There’s no need for me to take my time
Coz time after time when I write my lines
I feel it become your sign to come and look at me shine
Watch me get deep watch a tear fall from my eye
But suicide won’t ever be my way of saying good bye
Ill gets so high reaching for the sky
You won’t ever see me or hear my lies
I write so quickly if I rapped id set the mic on fire
And burn your ambition with my flaming desire
Get on your knees and call me sire for there aint mo man in this land
Who can be who I be do what I do for that id have to retire
Go back to school teach these fools how to decipher there liars
I got no need to swagger or grab a b***h by her hair and drag her
Or to live up to an image on MTV and swear to be unique
And follow the street fame coz I shot a bit of weed
The truth indeed is if u wanna roll with the big boys
You need to stop being a neek get off the computers n living like a geek
And a quick word to all u freaks interfering with me n my special b
You breahs and b*****s got us laughing you amusing little BEEP
Sorry I got a swear word limit so I think its time for me to finish
Step back for a minute and let u soak in my lyrics

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