A Poetry Self History

Poetry was vague and beautiful when I was young.
I would write fanciful rhyming stanzas about trees and germs
To show proudly to engineer dad and artist mum.
I felt unique to be in 3rd grade walking around
With a composition notebook and a pen,
Journaling my dreams and scribbling poetry.
A few years thereafter my nuclear family had a meltdown,
And I learned a bit about life.
My writing reflected this in anger and confusion.
I possess little if anything I wrote during this time,
For I often tore these pages from my journals in frustration.
High school came around, and life had settled down.
My writing then drew inspiration from whatever girl
Controlled my world, and whatever faith I once had.
College life turned into real life,
When I got a job and dropped out.
Poetry was written while high or drunk,
Either going up or coming down.
Girls and life and sanity became my topics of choice.
Now I paste this book together, it is time to give my life it's voice.
It has just begun I know, and I am but 19 years old,
But in this my final year of teen life,
It finally feels right.

by Benjamin Feliciano

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