A Poets Dream

Deducated to Ahmad Shidiqqi a fellow poet here at poemhunter.

O you builder of bridges of love and light,
with well written verses to our delight.
You shed some light on this world of ours,
even though there is a slight concern.
Could it be real one might say,
people from all over the world conecting,
sharing, loving growing.
Cros the bridge reach the others side,
join in on a celebration:
Paradise lost becomes a second paradise,
thanks to the man from the land of the
silent force.
Think of it to no avail that his work should fail,
led astray from a shining presence.
His passion for life is the only remains,
of the paradise lost.
Let he be remembered as a daring soul,
who sought to overcome the darkness.
Realising the unity we have longed for
for a lifetime.
Thanks to his verses sumoned up
with lightsspeed!
We are guided by the angels,
and protected by the divine order
of things.

by Ruerd Visser

Comments (2)

beautiful tribute, and yes we have all to dare, care and share, some voices can make much change, will said Ruerd
Good One Ruerd This is second poem that i am reading about Ahmed You must be a great soul Keep it up Ruerd