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A Poets Love
AL (22/01/1985 / Bangalore)

A Poets Love

Poem By Anoop Lokkur

Like the flowers waiting for the monsoon,
Like the feeling of darkness to be filled with light,
Like the tenderness of your immaculate skin waiting to be caressed,
I am lying here waiting for you, to be beside me;

As this song plays recurrently in my head,
Reminiscences explode through my mind.
As Night Falls, Another day to be born,
Another day of longingness.

This immortal love, like a poem
Lingering in a poets heart
Waiting to be recited,
I wait for those words to be declaimed by you.

This insanity like a disease
The cure, sweet as the nectar - Your love.
I ask thee forever and ever
To enlighten me with thy love
Until we unite, to thee I shall ask.

If thy love is true,
Come to me and forever we shall be lost in each other.
Perhaps, One day; Perhaps, One Night…Perhaps!

We shall see the world in our eyes,
Under One roof we shall live,
We shall dine, dance and consummate our love under myriad of stars,
With the oceans strumming our hearts
And the winds caressing our souls;

Read my love,
For now, like a woman in a burqa
Your resonating name is veiled.

Alluring eyes of yours seizing my soul captive,
Melancholic lover, eternally I shall remain;
Nothingness, sweet whispers clash like the waves of oceans
Away from thy smile, thy beauty, thy love. I live

Nostalgic thoughts of our love
In me shall live, through my words, my pain and my soul;
All that is one shall be lost in echoes of dreariness
Zephyr bearing my name, my love and my passion shall
Intoxicate your soul and your heart, once again.

Oct22-23 (12: 23) (13.09)

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commendable i must say, a sweet sentimental poem. cheers sherry