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A Poets Message
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A Poets Message

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

As you flick through my pages
and surrender to my thoughtful and playful words
Remember I am just another actress
on this very frightful dark stage

As a poet
Its all about display
Its all about the audience
The booing or thunderous clapping
can be substituted
by bestowing me with genuine ratings

Your random comments
will be appreciated
any time, any place, any moment
as I am on a mission
To write a million words
spice up my wordly performance
with some occasional romance

I am on a mission to write
about the people, politicians and musicians
To write about the prostitutes
That roam the redlight district each single minute

I am on a mission to write about me and you
to write about the world
and everything thats brand new or true

Now and then
I may have the writers block
Its easy to laugh
Its easy to mock
But you inspire my imagination
You are all my inspiration
as you flick through my pages

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi


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Comments (11)

Nicely done. The images where loud and clear. Thanks for sharing such a message.Great write
enjoyed the message of a poet. invite you to read my msgs.
treally awe-inspiring, wrugt ingenious by imagery,10++, thanks for sharing
and that is an open dialogue with your readers, Sylvia! a very sincere one that… a good poem on commitments of a poet…
''Great Write! '' I agree