Lonely Wife

There is no strife

Like a lonely wife.

You could earn a bounty

And you need to do your duty.

But your duty to yourself

Is a very close second to your duty

To keep your wife afar from distress.

How can you love and cherish

Your wife sans anguish

If you cause your wife

To be a lonely wife?

by Lonely People Champion

Comments (7)

what a simple and gorgeous words! ! ! Dear, Saint. I've already published my 20 poetry books on Lulu. Would you like to buy (to order) them, please? Open www.lulu.com, and on the top Search: Ahmad Shiddiqi, then click GO. On page 1 and page 2. Thank you very much. Have nice days. Take care. Best regards, Ahmad Shiddiqi
I found this on the internet for poets words and so 'i had to track it down. Reading the whole thing was the best thing I ever did
your work is so true and amazing I love the lines and a poet without dreams, is just anoter man after that I was hooked *10*
An enjoyable piece; I really identified with the lines: And a poet without dreams, is just another man. Hold onto your dreams and keeping writing. -Joe
This encaspulates the deeper reasons for the existence of poetry.
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