TF (may 28 1993 / florida)

A Poison To Good To Be True

He poisoned me
He didn’t care
He sunk those fangs into my neck
He poisoned me
Sending venom through my veins

Worse then any ivy
Stronger then any snake
Quicker than my heart beat
Forcefully binding me to him
To his side

A menacing, powerful poison you are
Taking away my body’s will
Taking everything from inside
Till my bodies no longer mine

The powerful poison you are
The venom that works from body to mind
The acid you make
To take what is mine

In the end you say you had every right
And I can’t lie, I love this night!

by tierra fisher

Comments (3)

a beautiful night in lovers hand.wonderful poem surya
Yup Poison has its taste...nicely penned down.
I like this Reminds me of my first Date with my ex