JB (1933 / Ennis Canada)

A Political Leader... June 13th,2013

We need a politician to tell our aristocrats where to go,
These unelected Senate appointees seem to think they run the show,
They are there till they are seventy five and no one knows why,
Nicy cushy elite job with pay and expences up to the sky.

And we are not allowed to notice that something is very wrong,
Or that this undemocratic system has been going on so long.
And now a Senate scandal; that they were fidling with the books,
Media page after page say that its much worse than it looks.

But this is sacred elitist stuff that some say can’t be touched,
Democrasy is not that important and doesn’t need to be clutched
Add to that the fact that Canadians seldom if ever vote,
Therefore nothing can change as Ottawa elitists all gloat.

June 13th,2013

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