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(a) Pollution Of Delusions
( / Connecticut)

(a) Pollution Of Delusions

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Their evil implemented,
Their own mental disease.
With a bigotry and hatred,
Feeding hypocrisies.
Now unable to escape,
What they've created to leave.
A society of nuts.
Selfish, greedy and corrupted.

They try to silence violence,
With it done to deceive.
To say the younger people,
Are the ones crazy.
But those who had misguided them,
Taught them to believe...
People different and of color,
Are their enemies.

A pollution of delusions,
Has their minds decayed.
A pollution of delusions,
Has left themselves betrayed.
A pollution of delusions,
Has them crazed to stay...
Dirt sniffers.
And loving worshippers of smut!

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