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A Poor Attempt
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Poor Attempt

The water mill beside the stream, highlighted by a stray moonbeam.
Which adds an abstract quality, a touch of surreality.
To the scene which I can see and makes it extraordinary
The stream is deep and strong but slow and turns the paddles from below.
The droplets falling from the wheel to any poets eyes appeal
Reflecting light prismatically in rainbow colours flying free.
They join the moon light in a dance of ever changing radiance
Sadly dark clouds obscure the moon; the show is ended all too soon.
My soul is soothed and satisfied, although the dark clouds came to hide
the beauty which I saw displayed.The memories will never fade.
I can recall them vividly and in my minds eye I still see
the wondrous scene I saw tonight. An interplay of dark and light.
I try my best to share with you the beauty that I had in view.
Though I’m afraid I lack the skill despite the fact I have the will.
I am quite sure you’ll understand, I’m just a man I can’t command
the words I write to show to you, the fleeting beauty that I knew..


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Comments (5)

Ivor, I can see your lovely memory quite clearly, picture you painted was perfect for my understanding. This really is a beautiful poem, its funny how water the giver of life can also help highlight and give so much depth to a scene. Thank you my friend. Bob
wonderful piece of writing Sir Superb poetic expression
Not 'A Poor Attempt' at all Ivor - - this is poetry in motion without a doubt..... lovely to re-read and totally enthralling..... thank you for this........from Fay.
Thankyou for the beauty of this piece Ivor 10 Chris
This is a linguistic Monet - it has certainly made an impression on me! S ;)