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A Poor Man's Paradise (7) (Still Eating Pea And Bean)

When I was a kid....poor and lean,
I ate pea and bean,
a form of cheap poor man's diet,
usually shunned by people of wealth.

Now I am very very rich,
but I am still eating pea and bean without any flinch,
especially lentils, black soybean, black bean and kidney bean,
all are high-fibre, low-fat, vitamin-packed source of protein.

They are chock-full of anti-oxidents.
From hardening of blood vessel they would prevent.
by making a dramatic fall
of bad cholesterol,
They protect against Alzheimer's
breast and colon cancer.

Eating pea and bean becomes a fad
for improving well-beings and health.
It is no more a poor man's diet
but a disguised ' Bless '.

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