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A Poor Man's Paradise (8) (Stool Was Beautiful)

The child was passing many times of watery stool
Consulting a nearby doctor was all the parents could do.
But he ran high fever, chills and rigor.
His stomach was painful and tender.
He was admitted to a local hospital
which was thought to be a life saver.
But the medicine stock was almost empty
due to lack of budget money.
Then the parent bought oral medicine, injection and iv drip
which were very, very expensive.
The child's stool changed from fluid
to semi-fluid and finally to solid.
Its color was yellow
like that of gold.
In the parent's eye, it was so beautiful
though it was just a shitty stool.
The child got full recovery
making them very happy.
Their son's life was saved.
Gone were the money they frugally saved.
The wedding rings were no more on their fingers.
They were in a pawn shop of a money lender.

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