ER (March 02,1989 / New Jersey)

A Portrait In Blood (The Romanovs Are Dead)

Assembled in your finest
A funeral march
To the basement
Of a house that isn’t
Your own but has been
Somewhere you’ve lived

Your mother clings
To your brother
Who, by now,
Can’t walk on his own
And your father is
Worried and weak
In heart and soul
And it feels like
You’re dying

Standing together
Huddled one last time
Because all lies are
Revealed with the gleam
Of chrome and the flash
Of silver on guns
And the portrait they paint
Of you is done
In blood

With all the Romanovs dead

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the portrait is being painted as they were dying. creation and extinction fatefully and fatally linked together. the whole story is told in luscid sumplicity. very good.