A Portrait Of Ugliness

When I look around me
I don't see no
barnyard full of joy
no fields of dreams
no baskets of laughter
no streams
running so smooth
but I see
the clogged waterways
the potholes
the cracked streets
the crowded roadways
trash cans full of garbage
loneliness unhappiness
in many places
explosive and destructive
angry storms
rage all about us
mountains once strong
now crumbling down
before us
oceans too full of themselves
now overflowing
nature like a monster on rampage
viciously attacking us!

by Dorsey Baker

Comments (12)

I think you are saying you see both happy and sad
Excellent write. We are certainly a throw a way society with it now spilling over. Greed and selfishness a big impact. Our Banks have let us down still taking money from the deceased. Fuel companies are riding a huge wave with high prices. We don't even know if the homeless are homeless any more. Some are set up like salesmen.
Mother Nature can only take so much. We all must act now before it's too late. Excellent write, Dorsey!
the wrath of nature will always be the conclusion of our greed.
loneliness unhappiness in many places, it is your correct observation, well done
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