Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I'm sending you this
With hope in my heart
That it isn't too late
For healing to start

I can't right the wrong
That I've done to you
Or undo the heartache
That I've put you thru

And I can't change the past
Like I wish I could
There's no way to go back
And turn bad into good

But if you'd only let me
I'd sure like to try
To be someone you need
And want in your life

To show you I love you
And how sorry I am!
Can you ever forgive me
And love me again? 

by Louise Hernan

Comments (14)

What use are any words of mine to swear My heart is stubborn, and my spirit slow- beautifully written poem -voted 10
I would give this a 10 rating but the voting booth appears closed...again. Sigh. Dorothy sounds a bit in need of encouragement today
Gee, this is about as mellow as Dorothy Parker gets! Her acerbic tongue is half sheathed. I like her- she has a certain style with which she serves her bitters.
Here and there! ! Thanks for sharing.
True love demands a long term commitment, otherwise, it has no worth. Thanks for sharing the sonnet, Dorothy.
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