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A Postcard From You
DS (21/07/1988 / LONDON! ! !)

A Postcard From You

Years and years ago
There was a Me and You
First real love, First real heartbreak
Time healed a pain so sore
Alas we met again and the years flood back.

How you've changed but its not bad
All for the good and its not a shame
That im single for once
I have another goal
It's to be re-noticed by your eyes.

After years of not seeing and being with you
I see you walk back into my life
Scars re-emerge but i dont care
For seeing you again has made me feel
Like the skies are clearer and my heart has a beat.

Thoughts of you flood my mind
Grudges held
Collapse and fall behind
Seeing you again
Has made me smile.

I loved that little 'Postacard from You'.

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Pablo Neruda

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Dean, This brings back an avalanche...... You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you wear it well. Honest, emotional writing that hit home hard here. If the first real love was good and you get it back, and what once was true still holds good... then the advice of forty years experience is quite simple and quite direct: love her always as if it's the last day of your life, and as Cia Frizzel on here has said: when you kiss her, kiss her as if it has to last a lifetime. Never any less. That's how important any real love is, but when it's first real love... the words.. well there are none that quite cover it. . Good poem mate. jim.