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A Pound Of Time
BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

A Pound Of Time

One ounce when you came into life
One ounce cut by the knife
One ounce eaten up raw
One ounce ripped by the saw
One ounce the grinder takes
One ounce lost, from mistakes
One ounce on the skewer turns
One ounce in the freezer burns
One ounce into the pot
One ounce left just to rot
One ounce fed to the dogs
One ounce eaten by hogs
One ounce is sold
One ounce just because you're so old
One last ounce of hope
You're at death's door
One last ounce falls to the killing floor.
And now,
You're no more!
Some men are butchers, some men are sheep,
All fall finally to death's dark sleep.
Some men wail, some men cry,
But all are cut down by the Reaper's scythe.
A pound of flesh.
A pound of time.
Both are done,
And so's this rhyme.

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Cute! Cute! Very good use of repetition. Give you an A+. Adeline