AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

! ! A Practical Kind Of Loving

Your perfume lingers on my clothes,
like the image of your small determined face.

You watched me hug him – your husband of sixty odd years;
His thin body craving the closeness;
His eyes twinkling at the remembrance of woman's flesh;
His hand squeezing mine with relish still.

'You know I can't give him that'
you say without bitterness
'I never could.'

Dear Jeanie,
you visit him every day
and chat brightly
to his far-away eyes.
A pity his illness scares you so.
Your love was always of such a practical kind

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An inevitable cautious love survives all concerned!
what wonderful characters, you have a talent for describing a scene so poignantly, it is active, alive, and engrossing. Truly captures a moment with its presence of mind. Your characters are deep, I feel like I know them.
You've summed the situation up perfectly Al, I don't know who to feel sorrier for. Love, Jez
Allie... I have spent much time with you today. You never fail to awe me and lift my spirits. If thousands of miles of water did not seperate us, I would insist you and yours join me for a long lunch. You...are simply the best. With warmest thoughts and wishes, Jasper
a beautiful poem... full of love
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