Kiss your palm and blow it to the wind
Exhale with love that you feel within
Near or far it'll reach my skin
Thanking God for this sublime feeling
Joyous or lachrymose events we'll share
Under God's guidance and through prayer
No storm or trial I will not bear
Evermore your eyes only I will stare

by Grace Galeon

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wow... and i thought i was shit at writing poems... you sound like some homo preacher or somethin :) ahh made my day... lol 1 man band haha xD derp thats why ste's in my band... i have a vocalist... and now another guitarist and drummer too :) derp derp :) oh yeah isnt kai a bit of a girl's name? ? short for kate... i had a friend called kate... always called herself kai... great choice of a name... mind you... couldnt expect more from someone like you :) still find it funny that you took your time out to leave me messeges... seems like you took your time out to search me :) awww thanks :) *cyber thumbs up* :)