(11th july / )

A Prayer

I know not how to beg.
I know not how to pray.
I am immersed in sins.
I have just gone astray.

My sins like oceans deep;
Sins like mountains high.
But still I hope for mercy.
Your mercy wide as sky.

Words always so less;
And sea full of commotion.
I know not how to pray.
Just tears of emotion.

O God! listen to my heart.
Words always so less.
I know not how to pray.
Just beats of distress.

by Md. Asadullah

Comments (3)

Lovely poem. It not words but feelings what constitute a prayer. Thanks for sharing.
a supplication in the form of poem seeker of guidance...may Allah bring peace and guidance lovely poem bhai
An excellent devotional poem to Allah. Thumbs up bro poet. Nice to read u again.