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A Prayer
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

A Prayer

Poem By AHO Speaks

To have and to hold; to touch and to see
These are the things that mean so much to me
If out of this world I can take on my last day
Be it of creations of love and people; I pray.

One cannot survive without the other
For did He not come as our loving brother?
A message so simple and ever so plain
Yet not understood and abused; time and time again.

Will the centuries turn to eons before wrong is truned to right?
O' Lord, O' Lord; let us behold the sight
Of all peoples regardless of names for others
Helping one another; to become sisters and brothers.

Not in flesh or things that decay in time
But in the gift for all eternity and which is thine.

10-25-05 Aho Speaks

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