A Prayer For A Mother's Birthday

Lord Jesus, Thou hast known
A mother's love and tender care:
And Thou wilt hear, while for my own
Mother most dear I make this birthday prayer.

by Henry Van Dyke Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

a great tribute writing on mother's birthday
great Her every wish fulfill; And even if Thou must refuse In anything, let Thy wise will A comfort bring such as kind mothers use. Ah, hold her by the hand, As once her hand held mine; And though she may not understand Life's winding way, lead her in peace divine. great poem great write, great 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Love this
i love my mum,mommy u re wonderful
What a striking poem. Love it.
An amazing poem, the reader after reading this poem becomes so sentimental and starts thinking about his own mother.
An emotional tribute to a mother and a humble prayer seeking peace for her in this world as well as in her afterlife. Great poem. Thanks.