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A Prayer For Loves Lost 05

It seems I am drowning in all the tears.
Memories brought to me on angel's wings.
Every wrong word haunts and the right ones sting.
Searching in this hallow place.
Weather it is deeper or different I cannot say.
Same ache with a different name.
I keep going back, back to that hallow place.
Though it is a whisper, my ears scream your name.
My closing eyes see your face, and unstoppable tears engrave.
Your are at peace in heaven's embrace, and I
I am lost in pain.
How am i sure you hear the forgotten words I have yet to say?
How can I feel and not hear angel wings?
Are you meant to haunt, or protect me the rest of my days?
I grasp for stregnth, so here I pray.
On bended knee and broken will, hoping that you may hear me.
This is a prayer for love's lost. A prayer for those who paid the cost.
I believe you happy and I hope you free.
All I ask is every once in awhile look down on me.
Spread the same grace as you did then.
For hear is my ever lasting for commitment.
Every knowlege I have of you will spread
Every ounce of love you showed, I shall regive.
As you touch every person I am with,
Because in mine your heart will always live.

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