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A Prayer For Poets
(July 4,1950 / Flint, Michigan)

A Prayer For Poets

Poem By Mike Finley

Let a thing be what we say it is,
if a donkey is eating corn
let the donkey not be an allegory
nor the corn a corn byproduct.

Let us not despise readers
for not 'getting us'
when we did nothing to let them in,
and everything to keep them out.

Let every offering be a gift,
first from you and then from us.
Let 'Let this serve you well'
be both credo and apologia.

Do not let us fall down
the well of our awareness.
Neither let us feel special
Just because we hear music.

Lead us not into obscurity,
and deliver us from brilliance.
For thine is the poem
forever amen.


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Comments (9)

An enjoyable piece; loved the message; unfortunately, not everyone will understand the heart of a poet; nice job. -Joe Breunig author/poet, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
10/10 for me Mike, this is a fantastic poem I hope 2 read more like it. Never give up writing, yours sincerely, Marissa: -)
This poem is brilliant and humbling and so funny Mike. Thanks so much. A fav for me. 10 from grinning Tai
this is just perfect! Hugs Anna xxx