A Prayer For Thanksgiving,2010

Poem By John F. McCullagh

A Prayer for Thanksgiving,2010

Lord, we humbly thank you
For the feast you set before us.
The harvest has been fruitful,
And you preserved us to enjoy it.

The year has been a challenge
for our oldest and our dearest,
but baby Julia’s lately come
with her toothless smiles to cheer us.

Our wives and daughters have prepared
a great Thanks Giving feast.
The places set, the wines been poured.
I’ll gain five pounds at least
We give thanks that we’re together.
Far too often we are not.
With the children off in college
And work keeping us apart.

Inspire us with charity
Towards those who need help living
-Remind us of the best of us
one missing from this table
Who earned Your thanks by giving
all that she was able.

Comments about A Prayer For Thanksgiving,2010

Lovely poem John, good read it tell's a lovely story. Wendy

2,8 out of 5
81 total ratings

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