I have found my voice
I can speak my truth
No longer does inner control
Keep me silent.

I am me and not the,
Thousands of rules programmed
In my childhood self.

I am young and tender in
This new knowledge of myself

I fear to take the power this
New knowledge gives me,
As a young child fears
Separation from its mother.

I know that to be true
To myself I must face
My fears and be who
I am.

Deleting and replacing
The old programmes,
with new healthy programmes
of my own.

by Mary Mc Creath

Comments (7)

seek the divine and it will be yours; the doors of divinity are always open...
another gem from your heart and pen full of serenity and acceptance.
I totally enjoyed this poem very much, it is filled with so much faith, gently penned with visions of hope for all...... Excellent in my oppion...... Bonnie
So much said so powerfully, poetically and concisely.
Maybe it's my way of seing things, but this poem seems so full of life and energy, and this would be so so great for a song! ! ! It is called 'APrayer for the Dying' but I believe it's a prayer every person would say! : -) Great job! ~~Elya Thorn~~
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