SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

**a Prayer Of Faith For A Special Lady...

Peace fills the air as she rolls on her back
She got through it, She is alive and she thanks Him for that!
It may loom in the mind of her loved ones today
but soon it will vanish all signs of illness will fade.

Don't focus on it...for there is solace in Peace.
There is vision in health and hope moves her feet!
Then when she feels better and she starts to dream...
anticipation will fill her heart and Life will get Sweet.

For in the years to come She will begin to persist...
there will only be Faith and an abundance of Health.
There is happiness in visions that will make her fluid,
that makes her pliable, ready to change and just do it.

Written February 2008.

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i particularly loved the last inspiring..thanks for this, Shelley love and hugs, meggie