A Prayer To Kamakhya Devi

Poem By Sunil Uniyal

Hail to Thee, O Kamakhya Devi, hail to Thee! !

To Thy abode at Nilanchal
Thy sons and daughters come to Thee,
With folded hands and longing hearts,
Filled with love and ecstasy.
O Giver of boons, grant their wish,
Fulfil their desires, O Kameshvari!
Hail to Thee, O Kamakhya Devi, hail to Thee! !

Thou are within all living beings,
As well as all non-living things;
Thou are all Creation's Source,
Life-breath, Soul and Energy.
Hail to Thee O Kamakhya Devi, hail to Thee! !

Ever at Thy beck and call
Are Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvar,
They compete with one another
For Thy grace, for Thy favour;
I too am Thy slave, O Devi,
On me too Thy mercy be.
Hail to Thee, O Kamakhya Devi, hail to Thee! !

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