A Preacher Came Up From Georgia

A preacher came up from Georgia-he was looking for some souls to win
He was in a bind; he was way behind-he was willing to buck the trend.
He first went up to Smyrna, a church out in Tennessee
And the preacher said to a church ‘bout dead, “Folks, listen to me.”

“I bet you didn’t know it, but I once was a sinner, too.
“And if folks didn’t care and say some prayers, I’d still be lost like you.”
Well the folks said, “You’re just kidding—you’re trying to take us in.
“We’ll guarantee you won’t ever see any worse than we have been.”

But the preacher went to preaching what God placed on his heart
And heaven broke loose, they couldn’t refuse, for the Lord is mighty smart
The folks learned that this preacher once was a hell-bound sinner too
But they also learned, they’d not be burned-the Gospel rang so true.

The preacher moved to Bridgeport and started preaching again.
He said, “Listen, folks; ” they almost choked as he told them about their sin.
The Spirit traveled throughout the crowd as he read the scriptures clear
And sinners came as if he called their name for the gospel they wanted to hear.

Well the devil he didn’t like it, and he tried to cause a mess
But the preacher preached and souls were reached, and the folks just had to confess
Yes, the devil has some power and once he’d had control
Of this good old boy, but to all our joy, he had joined the heavenly fold.

He preached, “Give your life to Jesus” and “You must be born again”
He preached the Word and the souls were stirred as souls had never been.
So if you live around these parts and your soul by sin is scarred
Just find a pew and listen to the preaching of Jim Bernard.

by Mac Wilkey

Comments (2)

Mac another great poem and I love the way you spread Gods word you spread it with humor and make your work so light hearted Brilliant Poem. cheers Sylvie
A fun and enjoyable write; similar flow to the popular song that's implied; nicely done.