A Precious Soul

Your work down here is over;
You've gone the last mile of the way,
I feel your presence near me hover;
As I live from day to day.
That pain wracked body has left you;
You have taken on the glorified one,
No more pain and suffering you'll know;
There in the peaceful valley where the milk and honey flow.
You can sit by the crystal river;
As old friends and loved ones you meet,
And walk and talk with our savior;
And kneel down at his feet.
Someday soon, I shall join you;
To walk hand and hand on the streets of Gold,
To see the wonder and beauty of heaven;
In that land where we never grow old.
You shall always be remembered
By your friends and loved ones here,
Your loving face, I shall always see;
As your presence lingers near.

by Gertrude Culberson

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