A Preferred Choice To Live

The telling of lies told by those who tell them,
Has an effect more infectious than any disease...
One can see to witness plaguing,
To devastate entire environments.
One has to only look around to find the evidence,
Existing right under their nose...
As if this way of life has been chosen as a preferred,
Choice to live.
Even with it done by the ones professing their innocence.

'Why are you spreading to tell something you heard,
Without investigating its truth 'before' doing it? '

~You most definitely are 'not' from around here.
I have never heard anything so ridiculous.~

And suppose I told you that I was?
AND a 'third' generation that represents,
The ones actually to have been born right here.'

~I'm sorry to hear you confessing that.
Then you must have been cured to live a lonely life.
Or you have lived to experience a living of your life,
Somewhere else.~

'Is it that noticeable? '

You stand out like a cowboy,
Walking down a dirt road to kick up dust...
In a ghost town.
Talking like that.
And to do that 'here'?
I 'know' you keep to yourself to mind your own business.
And don't think for a moment I can be easily influenced.
I live my life to be a social butterfly.~

'As if your approach to a life to live,
Isn't 'more' noticeable.'

~Don't try to be clever.
I happen to enjoy what I do.
And you?
To do to tell the truth ALL the time.
You better lighten up and learn to lie,
Like the rest of us.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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