CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

A Pregnancy Unwanted Of A Miscarriage

Miserable woman lonely and regretful.
Stare at her body with a dreadful look
This is your life know a beautiful child waiting to be born.
You thought he would be thier for you.
Trust are broken promise's when it come to some men.
Defend what you begin, hold on and be strong.
But it's been sadness since a positive test.
No rest as her other kicks.
She live with hunger and welfare only take her so far.
Still I hear the child saying let me live.
Hope is prayer when pain is thier.
I fear that day would come, driving drunk with your
forgotten pride and joy.
Abuising and losing your seed before even knowing
if it a girl are a boy.
She forget and smile with another man.
Is this what we do make a life and take a life.
Abortion because were unfortunate.
Suffering strengthen our soul when we stand average.
Don't be this woman.
A pregnancy unwanted of a miscarriage.

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