Close Those Sad Sad Eyes

Close those sad sad eyes girl,
and let your feelings wash away,
Bring up nothing more than what you want to say,
So close those sad sad eyes girl,
realize your way,
I hope it all passes by my love,
and hope you it flies away
Now close your sad sad eyes girl,
and forget about your sad sad day.

by Beautiful Grim

Comments (24)

'My heart Flushes with rosy splendor' Rachel Ann Butler
i guess i'm gonna close my eyes and add 10 to all your poem god bless you
Nightingale, abort the twins and nourish the rosy splendor in heart, the child of bliss. Wow, an ecstacy of poetry! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CP
Writing in brief is very difficult, excellent narration Shukran
never heard a nightingale sing...but the song of the persian nightingale even while at soul stirring!
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