A Pregnant Pause

A silence
Pregnant with suspense
Peeping through your eyes
My mind

by Per. Nig. Click to read full poem

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'My heart Flushes with rosy splendor' Rachel Ann Butler
i guess i'm gonna close my eyes and add 10 to all your poem god bless you
Nightingale, abort the twins and nourish the rosy splendor in heart, the child of bliss. Wow, an ecstacy of poetry! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CP
Writing in brief is very difficult, excellent narration Shukran
never heard a nightingale sing...but the song of the persian nightingale even while at pause.is soul stirring!
I liked it very well thought out *kudos*
Wonderful poem I like it a lot nice wording... ~Krista~
Very beautiful Poem Thanks for sharing -Brie
really pregnant poem. lol nice
Congrats! God Bless and what a nice piece written for you children to one day read. Ten! Linda
Many thoughts and congratulations on the 'twins'.Another ten from me.
Indeed a pregnant pause is due to twins!
wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! I have a pregnant smile remembering something just recollect -10 regards anjali (read mine TELEPATHY)
Very original title and the content of your poem does not disappoint. You say little to say much.10 for you. Kind regards, Sandra
A nice play on words Nightingale, leaves the reader wanting more, well done, Lynda xxxx 10
wow! nice imagery! .......10++++
Lovely..truly..imaginative..full of imagery..and very captivating... Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem!
May this pause get converted into happy reality! -Raj
beautiful and sweet...........