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A Pretty Kitty
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Pretty Kitty

A Pretty Kitty
Written by Wilfred Mellers, Tuesday, October 6,2009

I love the kitty so pretty I am aware
People stop and gaze, but I didn't care
Thought I, much more out there to spear
I should not have my kitty to share, clear!

How I love the kitty's sent
Stroking the night so long I've spent
Tasted the jelly from her belly between her hips
Nectar ran down slowly to my fingertips

Poked, stroked, and petted my kitty sweet
Fed her all she could ever eat
Unadorned lying in the summer's heat
At the head of my table, she had a seat

Her taste satisfying down to the last morsel tender
Juices flowed as waterfalls I remember
Late nights well past the first of September
Heaven's gates opened entered chocolate member

Presents are given late December
I was the only suitor and number one contender
Nocturnes of pink bliss I grew fonder
Joyful sounds from vanity's splendor

As Trojan race down crooked tracks on horseback at a canter
Flash-forward faded words now form useless banter
Inhaled the cream from the center
Moisten walls I hope one day to enter

The ball drops and the crowd start to cheer
Happy thoughts inside for the new year
Wrapped that kitty around my love
Plastic hat fits snuggly like a glove

Spanked, drank, and spoiled kitty rotten
Alas all things now she has forgotten
Flower fragrances tend to remind
Cherry blossoms of the succulent kind

Longing to get back to the nitty-gritty
Still yearning to kiss that vivacious kitty
I would sing songs, dance, and do a little ditty
A sight so gorgeous and temperately pretty

Passionate evenings of benign surrender
Miraculously shaped Kitty's petite and slender
The shared time of joy of comfort and splendor
No longer roam I the greatest pretender

For the moment fleeting went all fears
No sweeter sound has ever captured my ears
Impatiently I wait till I hold kitty once more
My love, my life, everything I could ever hope for

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