A Pretty Rose To Akhtar Jawad

On this Day of fourth May,
The day we read excellent poem
This is titled, "Who First Time kissed, "
By Akhtar Jawad our nice poet friend, .
He has a tender heart of affection,
Member poem of the day shines,
Readers give their feedback in love.

Akhtar Jawad has observed nature,
By Divine's grace he has bloomed,
In this garden of Allah by mercy,
We offer tribute to him is infinite,
Every fellow poet likes him very much.
We congratulate him for his success,
Every master piece of poems he gifts,
This wins hearts of many, many readers.

His compassionate heart beats for friends,
He is very confident, smart and joy giver,
A friend of excellent vision we feel,
We have long poetic journey with him,
We remember him and he remembers us.

On occasion of Holy Ramadan and Rosa time,
We offer him a pretty rose of Allah's grace,
May Divine sprinkle fragrance of rose,
May every petal bring mercy for life,
A rose of love is a rose of devotion,
We offer our prayer before Allah,
For peace of the world and mankind,
A pretty rose from God's garden we offer.

Thirty days of Sher-O-Iftar time is closer,
On sixteenth day of May of this year,
During first prayer of Ramadan we hope,
We pray for his fortune and goodness,
A legendary poet friend is in poetic journey.
A pretty rose we gift to Akhatar Jawad.

A pretty rose is the Holy Rose we feel,
This rose is singing glory of Allah,
In mosque this rose is praying,
Water coming in contact with rose,
This has become fragrant and holy too,
Nature is graceful where this rose blooms,
We gift this pretty rose of Divine Grace,
Akhtar Jawad's smile creates a new poem.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,04, May 2018. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (12)

From a gifted poet to another gifted poet....lovely tribute....a very honourable poet is Akhtarji as much as you are...indeed an applaudable write...God bless you both
I couldn't agree with you more and may I add that both of you are an inspiration to me. Thank you my friend.
A beautiful poem of tribute to a fellow poet. Heartwarming and inspiring write Sir Kumar and shows the goodness of your heart. Well done.10
I missed this lovely tribute to our veteran poet Akhtar ji! I see this poem as a fellow poet's greatest gift to a great poet of repute! Both of you are honored by this beautiful poem! May God bless you both!
A lovely gift to a great personality and a prolific writer Akhtarji! Loved reading the poem! Thanks dear sir for sharing!
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