Our relationship is erratic
She's a perfectionist and pragmatic
Sometimes my sister is over dramatic
But she's still cute and charismatic
Sometimes we connect and bond
At these times, of her I'm very fond
'For me would you go above and beyond? '
'I'd do anything for you, ' I respond
But then just wait ten minutes later
We slam doors at our sibling traitor
Muttering and cursing, 'oh, how I hate her'
The anger coouldn't be any greater
But as soon as I'm done steaming
And her high pitched voice has finished screaming
We both comeout beaming
And resume our sisterly scheming.

by Brie Carter

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One of my favourite poets.. Beauty and Roses go hand in hand... best lines I liked Then how grace a rose? I know a way! Leave it, rather. Must you gather? . Thanks
Great words figuratively. Great done
To hear an echo from the past - forever blasts. When cherry blosoms, never picked. Forever seem to last.....iip
Beautiful poem, beautiful description
Good poem written in simple and elegant manner.
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