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A Priceless Gift

Life is such a special gift,
So handle it with care.
And treat it with respect
For it’s a gift beyond compare.
God only gives you one chance
To put life to the test,
He does’nt expect miracles
But just to do your best.
Though many times you’ll stumble
And may times you’ll fall,
But these are only challenges
That God has given to all.
And though each milestone in your life
Will never be the same
It’then you’ll come to realize
That life is not a game.
So don’t take life for granted
Embrace each day anew,
just do your best for others
and to yourself be true.
Remember you’re the only one
Who’s master of you’re fate
So make amends the wrongs you’ve done,
Before it is too late.

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Lovingly written, certainly pulled the strings of my heart.