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A Primer
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

A Primer

Poem By AHO Speaks

God does not give and then take away
God was here yesterday and also today
God is not from just out of the past
God is for always; and will last and last.

God the the giver of gifts including those untold
God is aware and caretaker of each eternal soul
God is here for all time and never to desert
God is good and as its child; you should never intentionally hurt.

God is our savior and the giver of time
God is yours and also mine

God can be seen in every living dream
God can be touched in each earthly scene.

God is for now and also in the word forever
God is alive and will not his children's soul sever
The maker of the universe and that which we have never seen
We are like the sprout that comes from the planted bean.

We need to be nourished to open the door
To move forward into a harvest and even more
Our life's garden should be planted with heavenly seeds
The ones called love, compassion and fairness, in each earthly deed.

That our harvest will be judged in time with our sisters and brothers
With those whom we lived and loved for there were no others
Absolution always given if we only ask
Working in the vineyard is but one earthly task.

So be of good spirit and work in good cheer
Speak to God; for it waits to hear
That you acknowledge its singular existence
And by your words and actions show no resistance.

11-06-05 Aho Speaks

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