Dark Chamber

You have a dark chamber
I know you do.
We all do.
It's the one you keep hidden
from the eyes of everyone else.
The one you've been saving for me.
Or have you?

If I beckoned at that door,
would you open it?
Could I come in?
Would you have me?

I know that I am not enough.
Not worthy of such a dark love.
But I will make up for what I lack.
I will make you appreciate my existence.
For I will bring you
A flame
To snuff out
in your dark chamber.

by Cassandra Nightshade

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Wow. About the best poem by Faiz
This poet's heart can never be imprisoned- oh, but he frees the soul from bitterness and loneliness so surely his soul is just as free as those he freed
A great poem by a great poet. Faiz was a poet who amazingly put his feelings in reader's heart. My Salute to him.
Just too beautiful....pure ecstasy in reading
Like on a magic carpet reading this work...wonderful composing a treat to read.
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