A Prisoner Of Doubt

Poem By Candice Renae Williams

A prisoner of doubt
is quick to the drain
being bound to his pout,
With a crippling chain.

No one may come,
and courage will not be
For no part of some
Could release him from he.

So watch through the fences
And hold in the cheer
Longing, taking over his senses
might intice him to peer.

Gaining strength he might-
Using the promise'd delight
Drag said chain-on hopeful mount
past rushes of whine-an offered respite;

(to be finished)

Comments about A Prisoner Of Doubt

I like it a bit now. Keep working and fix the spellos. I will dropp in again soon. H
Ahh Volia! I like this one even more... (more amusing-as you can tell that my criteria for poem liking is based on amusement) But I like'd reworking it... I was inspired^_^
I am glad you like it. I don't, at all. H
I like this one a lot. Hmm... perhaps the rhyming is a little off with the 'so tight ' part...

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