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A Prisoners Word
( / Germany)

A Prisoners Word

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

A Prisoner’s word
Life in jail sucks
I have hit bottom rock
If only I had known
How difficult it would be
To cope in one of the toughest prison
I would have hesitated
And thought again

Thrown in Jail
Rejected bail
Sniffed out by the law as guilty
Had I known
I would have done things quite differently

Now a society system recorded failure
For an outstanding outrageous behaviour
Hustling for cigarettes
And bursting for drugs
An atlas of cells
With polluted smells

Two more years to pay
And I keep wondering
How did I end up this way?
Words were perilously playing in my brain
When I held up that bank
Before then I was hardworking and frank
Until from my job I got sacked
With my football team I got axed
From my lover a jilt letter was faxed

I became depressed
Not very strong
But I was totally wrong
This is not where I belong
Unfortunately I am all holed up.

Sometimes I dream of a jail break
Minutes later I awake
And ponder on all that money I could have raked
That wealth I would have truly cherished
However my freedom I truly relish
Knowing I will be free one day
Brings me a glimmer of hope
This shimmers regularly down my thoughtful slope
Oh this prison sucks

© Sylvia Chidi- 17 October 2005

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Comments (3)

Sylvia I understand your situation Because I was in jail also And it haunts you also I hated jail And I stil do I spend 72 hours In a jail where I live in canada toronto For Assault I got out on bail
Wonderful poem sylvia it hs such depth.cheers sylvia
Makes me feel very sad for anyone in this situation, Whoever for Whatever.Doesn't seem to be much healing or correction in those places. Pray for them.Amen Love Duncan