VE (9-20-1961 / Cape Girardeau)

A Problem With Your Heart

You told me you needed him
And I knew it was true;
But what I always wondered
Was did he need you?
Cause how could anyone love you
When you don’t love your self?
And how could that boy love you
When his heart was somewhere else?

I watched you dance for him;
I had nothing to say.
You broke yourself in two for him-
He left you anyway.
Now you sit alone in your darkened world
With your heart up on the shelf;
And no one will ever love you
When you don’t love yourself.

And sooner or later, it always falls apart;
There’s no place to put the blame and shame,
It’s just a problem with your heart.
The faces change, but the fact remains-
The patterns never do.
The more you carelessly give away
The less is left for you.
Someone wise once told me
(And I swear that this is true)
“You gotta learn to love yourself
Before another can love you.”

Cause sooner or later it always seems to fall apart;
I’m not her to point the finger-
It’s just a problem with your heart.

So please listen to what I’m saying,
Cause it’s coming from my soul:
Learn to love and respect yourself-
This should always be the goal.
In doing this you show the world
You’re worth the love it has to give,
Not just a common hole.

I was once like you are now
So I know just how you feel
It seems this gift of pure love
Is what has made me real.
But now he’s gone-and life goes on-
And I know it’s like he always said:
When I love my self
I can love the world
Without losing my heart or head.

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Very well written. My only suggestion is turn the 'Cause's into full form, but your style is plain speaking, not formal.