A Professional Fluctuation!

With high hopes and low despair days are going on;
Each achievement brings doubts about my ability
And my capability to go ahead with my creativity
With the same confidence and guts as was before!

They say even Homer nods sometimes, though is a master
Capable of creating classical poetry world never can
Have a negative comment about his genius ever sure;
When that is so for the master, me a modernist is nil!

Everyday before starting my writing work, I feel as if
I am still a novice, but after creating a poem, i am
Elated to Everest height, when it comes out surprisingly
Better than before I have indulged in my pet creativity!

Is it due to my deep concern to produce a better poetry
Or is it due to my false image about my ability as a poet?
Than before

by Ramesh T A

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Days are amazing ever which pass through moments of perception We witness high hopes and low despair in life among these days. Everyday before starting work we feel every moment as precious. Creativity is well nourished with positive vibrations and thoughts of mind. Producing a better poetry is definitely very nice. Excellently penned poem is shared here...10