A Promise I Make.............

Poem By Ria Bedi

Hold my hand
leave the world behind
forget about whatever they say
somewhere deep in my heart, there's a wish
that you hold my hand
and i'll never let you go! !

not mine, not yours
its the journey of two hearts to sail across
no one can understand what we feel
the two and a half words of love....

you stay with me forever
is the only wish of mine for those stars
i hope the one breaking
will do justice to our making

I wish the moon to always be full & bright
the night to always be calm & quiet
the whole world in the arms of sleep tonight
so that we can shine to the full & fine! ! !

my soul rests in you
your name is engraved in my heart
We will go on & on
That's a promise
I make..........

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