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A Promise Is Forever

There was a man in my home town named Mister Chase;
When I went for the mail I walked past his place.
One day the weeds by his house were replaced with straw;
I was unaware of the man's inherent flaw.

The straw covered up the man's newly planted grass;
But nothing could cover up his uppity class.
Each time I passed by I looked over the wood fence,
The progress of the grass had me in high suspense.

After several weeks the grass came showing through,
And after a few more the thickness did accrue.
I saw the man one day and approached his wood gate;
I said something to him, ‘Your grass is looking great! '

Later dad said ‘You've been bothering Mr. Chase.
Promise me you will never go near that man's place.'
Was the clod disgusted being near the urchin boy?
Did he have no good manners for him to employ?

I would cross to the other side of the road hence,
When I walked and came near to Mr. Chase's fence.
Then I went back to his side when I passed his house,
A big U-turn that proved to annoy the big louse.

He called to me one day to talk to him. (Never) .
I made a promise. (A promise is forever) .

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (2)

It was such a disgrace to annoy mister Chase, rub his wounds with salt, but it was his fault! People like that are hard to understand. Can't see that you deserved a reprimand...
How sad for him. .