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A Promise Once Told

I never really wanted to tell myself
The things that I believe in but I did
I gave up on something foolish
I gave to something that didn’t matter
I forgot about the joy of it all
I forgave me believing in nothing at all
Yes I have sinned at myself
No I don’t want to cry or die
I’ll go on living like never before
You see that this world is a funny place
With nothing that ever makes any sense
People expect to get why they do
The things that they do but you don’t then
When you want the explanation they
Can’t give you one they don’t know how
I was sorry that I said those things
That I would never again but what
If it’s true that is the case of it all
Good things comes to those who wait
Well I am still here not searching any more

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This is a very beautiful poem Marilyn.... -brandi