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A Psalm Of Hope

When the world beats
the rhythms of joy and sorrow,
when our hearts keep the hope
to light the dark shadows,
when our hands touch the strings
for our common song,
then I know there is a way to go:
a way to peace
a way to hope
a way to light.

When a child is caressed
by love and kindness
and a stranger is welcomed
by our hands of faith,
when each moment bears
the seed of a bright new day,
then I know there`s a dream
to find and rebuild:
a dream for peace
a dream for hope
a dream for love.

When pain in our life
numbs our senses
and the will to survive
seems extinguished,
yet a ray of hope
comes shining through,
then I know there's a place to go:
a world of peace
a world of light
a world of love.

by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Comments (2)

Pregnant with positivity yet rich in reality! Well done!
Thanks, dear Thomas, for affirming my message. Let us continue to hope for the best in our one world.